Specialist PCB & Electronic product assembly

Electronic Product Assembly, PCB Assembly and manufacture

Amiga Electronics can assist with your printed circuit board (PCB) layout and design to help our customers get their idea to market faster. Our team have years of real-world experience designing PCBs for performance and manufacturability.

Component Supply

Amiga Electronics can source and supply all components. Alternatively, our customers can supply components and we will carry out the assembly. Where Amiga Electronics supplies the components, we ensure all components meet customer specification and are sourced from reputable suppliers. Where components may be unavailable or have long lead-times, we will work with the customer to find suitable alternatives. We offer traceability where required.

PCB Design & Prototype

Working prototypes are functioning PCB boards or product prototypes that contain all the planned components, features, and functions of the final product to test any weaknesses or problems in the design.

Before starting your products production run, it’s vital to create prototypes and fully test that the device is working as intended.  Regardless of how carefully you’ve worked on the project, any small mistake or error can cripple the final product If not caught before production.

Short Run PCB Assembly

Amiga Electronics not only has capability to produce larger volumes of PCBs, but we are also happy to quote on very small volumes as well.

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