Specialist PCB & Electronic product assembly

Electronic Production Specialists

Amiga Electronic assembly_Custom wiring harness and wiring looms

Custom Wiring Looms

Custom wiring harness and wiring looms for a range of industries, including mining, transport, and industrial equipment manufacturing.

Amiga Electronic assembly_Electronic PCB assembly and full product builds

PCB & Electronic Assembly

Amiga Electronics can assist with your printed circuit board (PCB) layout and design to help get your idea to market faster.

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PCB & Electronic Prototypes

Working prototypes are let you check that PCB boards or product prototypes contain all the planned components, features, and functions

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High Reliability Soldering

We offer in house Wave soldering, not only is it an extremely efficient process but also provides a high-quality “Store bought” finish to your completed PCBs

Amiga Electronics specialize in PCB assembly and full product box builds, we offer a full turnkey service where required. Services also include, Custom wiring harness, wiring looms and Electro-mechanical assembly, we take your product from concept to reality.  Ask us about prototyping or small to medium volume production runs of electronics. 

Our capabilities include electronic design, wave and hand soldering, design, prototyping, mechanical, surface mount, thru hole, cable, and wire harness assembly services.


Your product is designed, manufactured, and delivered to your doorstep


Electronic Design

From concept to production ready, Amiga Electronics has In-house design expertise and works with you to design, develop, and manufacture your product.  Letting you focus on the customer and trusting us to take care of product production and electronics.

Full Product Builds

We offer full contract manufacturing and supply, including product box build and electro-mechanical assembly services, printed circuit boards, parts supply, assembly, as well as any necessary wire harnesses or other components and final testing.

Component Sourcing

All we require is a BOM (Bill of Material) or list of components along with their values, description, preferred manufacturer, and part number. 

We offer

  • 100% Genuine Parts
  • Verified, Trusted & Established Suppliers

Please note, we always try to source the components specified in your BOM. However, if any component is unavailable or out of stock, we suggest alternate components for you to approve, based on their data sheets or specifications.

PCB Assembly

We have our PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assembly process down to a fine art, ensuring that your finished project is of the highest quality and reliabilty. We manage everything from circuit board manufacture, component ordering and tracing, PCB inspection, testing, and final assembly.


Wave Soldering

We offer in house Wave soldering, not only is it an extremely efficient process but also provides a high-quality “Store bought” finish to your completed PCBs.

The automated nature of our wave soldering process guarantee’s that your components are soldered to the printed circuit board (PCB) using the most reliable process possible.

High Reliability Hand Soldering

For a range of reasons, it may not always be practical or possible to wave solder your PCBs.  For these situations we have an established team, trained in High Reliability Hand Soldering to perform any assembly needed.

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