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PCB Assembly
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Amiga Electronics specialises in the assembly of Printed Circuit boards (PCBA). We specialise in through hole assembly but also have capacity to carry out SMD assembly either in-house or through our partners.

All through - Hole Assembly is carried out at our Premises in Logan City Queensland. ROHS Assembly is available on request
At Amiga we strive to provide quality work at competitive prices whilst ensuring delivery times meet our customer's requirements.
PCB ASSEMBLY services include the following,
  • Assembly only

  • Supply of Blank PCB, Components and Assembly

  • Prototype Assembly

  • Competitive Pricing

  • High Quality

  • Rapid Turnaround

  • Wave Solder (Maximum PCB size 304 x 408mm)

  • Hand Solder

For a competitive quote email the details to

To assist with our quotation please provide the following,

  • Bill of Materials

  • PCB File

  • Printed Circuit Board Overlay

  • Quantity required

  • Special requirements - e.g. ROHS, Conformal coating.

For more information on our PCB assembly service see also,

Wave Soldering     and  Hand Soldering.


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