Amiga Electronics offers a range of services from PCBand component sourcing, to PCB assembly and full box builds. See below for more details



Amiga Electronics specialises in PCB Assembly both Through hole and SMD.

Contact us for a competitive quote.

To assist in Quotation the following will assist in speeding up the quotation process,

  • BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • PCB file
  • PCB Overlay including dimensions(PDF preferred)
  • Quantity required
  • Any special requirements (e.g. ROHS)

We are happy to quote for supply of pcbs, components and assembly or just for assembly with components /PCBs free issued.

Amiga Electronics uses Wave Soldering for the vast majority of all through hole assembly. Through carefully set parameters efficient, consistent and reliable slodering is achieved.

Wave Soldering Process

  1. PCBS are loaded into a carrier
  2. The carrier first enters the machine and passes over a Flux tank, where the solder side of the PCB is coated in Flux.
  3. An air knife then removes excess flux
  4. The carrier now passes over a preheater to ensure the PCB is at optimum temperature prior to reaching the solder tank
  5. The carrier now passes over the solder tank, where recirculating solder coats the PCBs.
  6. The carrier then exits the machine.

It is not always possible to Wave solder all components.

Where Wave Soldering is not possible, Amiga Electronics will hand solder the components.

We have staff trained in 'High Reliability Hand Soldering'

From Concept to Production, Amiga Electronics can assist with your design and manufacturing requirements

It is not always possible to find the cable you need as a stock item.

Amiga Electronics has the ability produce custom made cables to your specification. Contact us for a competitive quote.

In addition to our standard services,Amiga Electronics offers a wide range of miscellaneous services all the way through to complete turnkey solutions including but not limited to the following.

  • Electro-Mechanical/Wiring/ Assembly / Test
  • Loading programs to a range of PIC chips, micros and sound Chips.
  • Full box build
  • Packaging
  • Shipping - Local, Interstate and International



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